Our Services

Our Services

J and J CPAs offers a wide variety of services to suit your individual and business tax needs.

If you need assistance with filing taxes for individuals, partnerships, LLCs, corporate, estate, and trusts. We also do litigation support and representation before the IRS.

J and J CPAs can help you with the following:

Tax Planning & Preparation

We help business owners understand the importance of filing and paying taxes on time. Best practices for record keeping, tracking which expenses are deductible and which expenses are not, and reporting income and expenses to provide the maximum legal tax benefits. We work closely with individuals including the self-employed, LLCs, partnerships, S-corporations, and C-corporations.

Consulting & Litigation Support

When you receive a letter in the mail from the IRS or a State taxing authority regarding tax return issues, it is always advisable to speak with a tax professional. When you have a tax professional on your side, it gives you the advantage of their expertise and experience in dealing with the taxing authorities and can put you at ease knowing the resolution will be handled by professionals. We also assist attorneys with civil litigation matters.

Estates & Trusts

Dealing with the loss of a loved one is difficult enough without the added stress of preparing the required tax forms for your loved ones. We understand your situation and want to help ensure the appropriate documents are filed for the estate, and if necessary a final return for their personal taxes. When setting up a trust or giving a financial gift, we can advise you of the tax implications, best times to implement them, and help you accurately report it to the taxing authorities.